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When it comes to game fish, few can compete with the allure of Snook fishing in Southwest Florida.

SWFL - Snook Charters

Snook Fishing – SWFL

Its quick, hard strike and roiling surface water are tell-tale signs of a hooked Snook. Our Snook fishing charters in Fort Myers, Sanibel and Captiva, routinely land Snook in the 15- to 30-pound range, with monsters pushing 40 pounds not uncommon.

Summer is peak Snook fishing. As the sun and spring temperatures heat up the flats, fishing is usually fantastic from April to September. Schools of Snook are common in all of the local passes to the Gulf of Mexico and are plentiful along the beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel. In winter (that is to say the mid 70s here in sunny paradise), Snook migrate into the upper bays and rivers, frequently settling into deep holes or oyster bars. Snook lay low from December to February, when fishing them can require patience. Though canals, powerplant overflows and local rivers will hold a plentiful catch.

Hooking a Snook for the first time is an experience never to be forgotten.

Florida 5 2011 006Captain Mike Wright’s favorite gamefish is the Snook. Early morning or late night Snook fishing can provide clients with the experience of a lifetime. The Snook fishing in Fort Myers is renowned.

A tropical species, Snook are largely confined to an area of South Florida beginning just north of Fort Myers. One of toughest and most elusive fish found in coastal waters, Snook species include the Fat Snook, Swordspine Snook, Tarpon Snook and Common Snook.

Gulf Snook fishing is closed until September 2013, after an unusually cold 2010 winter reduced the population. A salt water fishing license and snook stamp is required. Only fish 28 to 33 inches may be kept, with a limit of one per day. Southwest Florida fishing guides see ample evidence that the population is rebounding nicely. And, once open, we expect world class fishing. Contact Us to reserve your charter!

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